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Put two electric bike hub motors on a bike, throw away the pedals, attach batteries where the pedals were, and you have an electric motorcycle capable of going up hills and cruising at 20 mph. No sweat commuting and environmentally friendly at 3 miles per penny.
Thats 1200 miles per gallon at $4 a gallon if it were a gas bike.

Order 2 electric hub motors for a heavy-duty mountain bike. Get one with a motorcycle twist type throttle and one with a thumb throttle so that they can both be mounted on the right handlebar. Its easier if you keep both systems separate with its own batteries. One can be a backup if the other system fails. Use angle iron to make two battery storage racks that can each hold 3, 12 volt, 12 amp batteries. Remove pedals and use  a  long bolt or rod through the crankshaft hole to attach the storage racks to the bike. Also use turnbuckles and bolts to attach the racks to the rear axle bolts. Follow instructions on the e-bike kits. Total cost $600 to $800, not including the bike and miscellaneous parts.